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by ZVitor

Version 0.8



I like Bastion, i love sentinels, probably because at 90' cartoons, robots are the only enemys wich wolverine can do claws attacks, the funny thing is because at august 2010, when i started to lead XSC, i said: "I want to do one modern version of Zero Tolerance, one of my top 5 favorite x-men stories", then Acey said "Really? Last month at comics ended XSC arc, and villain was Bastion", i had no ideia, "ok... whatever... its just game name" at this point i already have Bastion almost ready to be Boss, then i read XSC, loved it and was like...."ops, it will need one second form". I didnt planned release him, was made to be boss, but mugen community asked for him... and to be honest he is The most easy/lazy use of urien base ever! So take it, without Boss mode included, because it need triggers to work in XSC, and new moves not included at XSC Boss.. lack throw, intro, throws, win poses and more get hits sprites, so its a Beta.


Special Attacks

Chest Beam

D, DF, F + P

Missile Seekers

D, DB, B + P

Laser Beam - Air

D, DF, F + P

Energy Crush

D, DF, F + K

Electric Ball

D, DB, B + K

Hyper Attacks

Prime Weaponry

D, DF, F + 2P

Energy Shots

D, DB, B + 2P

Prime Sentinel

D, DB, B + 2K


D, DF, F + 2K


Additional Credits

  • Taskmaster for Bastion design


Download Bastion

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