Baby Commando (Junior Blader)

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By Junior Blader, The Anvil & Acey

Sprites: Junior Blader, The Anvil

Programming: Acey

Current Version: 1.1


Character History

Hover is a true baby genious. Amongst the technology he has designed is his robot costume and his Pacifier Talking Mechanism that allows him to speak a multitude of languages. Alongside Captain Commando Hover fights against Scumocide to defend the futuristic Metro City.


Normal Moves

  • Crouch MP = Launch
  • Crouch HK = Trip
  • Forward, HP (close) = Throw

Special Moves

  • Down, Forward Punch = Rocket Arm
  • Down, Back, Kick = Rocket Knee
  • 2 Punches = Spinning Clothesline

Hyper Moves:

  • Down, Forward, 2 Punches = Fire Module
  • Down, Back, 2 Punches = Ice Module
  • Down, Forward, 2 Kicks = Lazer Canon
  • Down, Back, 2 Kicks = Commando Module


Capcom City by Acey



Baby Commando

Capcom City Stage

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