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Infinity MUGEN Team Moderator



Age: 21

Location: Down South, USA

Yo, I'm b.easy AKA blunted. Old-school Infinitero and Moderator extraordinaire. My favorite things include making portraits and the monkey emoticon. monkey.gif

Works In Progress

gona.gif kkrillin.gif

Gon & DBA Krillin

Been working on these two forever. I lost a bunch of files for Gon recently, but I'm nearly finished with Krillin. Plans for him include sounds from the dub as well as the Japanese version of the series. Also expect six button psuedo-MvC style and a whole lot of beam spam.

mugen16ve7ou8.png mugen11hx4gr8.png



One of those 'some day' sort of things. I have about 7 sprites as of today, maybe some day I'll make about 300 more.


Most of my stages are pretty simple GBA rips, but sometimes I do a little editing to give 'em my own style.

Avatar History

shinobisword.gif grinchmod.gif modhand2.gif MODsword.gif untitled3copy.png OKAMIsword.gif beasyTMNTsword.gif

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