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Position: IMT Core Team Member
Local: Australia
Astrological: Cancer
Home Page: IMT Profile MMV Forum

Biography: I'm gonna start this off as a Bigamist, I love marvel, ONLY MARVEL characters, I grew up reading all the comics, and have a quite extensive hard copy collection (and no they aren't in frames or bags or nothing) I also grew up wasting soooo much time and money at the arcades playing X-men Vs Streetfighter, I would definitely be close to a half millionaire had I kept the dollars spent on comics and games, but little did I know, they were my two most favourite things...EVER!!! that i would end up spend that amount of money on it anyways

First ever mugen art I ever saw was a sprite of Nightcrawler by MamboJambo, I thought to myself, where is the game where this character is available to play , I want it!!!

digging through the internet, I land upon this very site and the WIP page (wondering what's a WIP?) I continue to read through, then I realise this MUGEN program means I make and create my favourite Idols in my own game, however I want, YES!!!!!! SO...I Download the game, screen packs, characters from everywhere, stages too, FULLY customized awesome, all my favourite old school players, and new ones I've never seen before, hold on!, how come there's a beast, a bishop, a phoenix, and even a forge with a jet pack? but no Archangel? dude's got mad wings! all these creations made but no one is making an archangel? hold on there is a guy making him, it's cool it's cool, breath, it's a Wip, its coming.........1 year goes by

......still a wip, how long does it take to make one character, honestly!............2 year goes by

...yep this isn't happening.... I want see it happen, how do I do this?................

Shocker was my first real character I worked on that was released publically, I had done a few edits of other things here or there prior, but nothing that was a real character, went onto other marvel characters that I wanted to see, but it was archangel I was the most invested in, I revamp the hell out of him once a year, every year and It all started with the SOS_Bros edit, also Multiple man was another that I got to tinker with too, then I made a whole heap of characters, by myself and in teams with creators and spriters alike being BigPimp, Rg_Op, Hypersonic92, and Nicotinefist.

It wasn't till I decided to leave a few forums that I was active at and concentrate on working only at one (here at IMT) and cut out showing off though wip threads, and only show off completed betas that I really got my head around what is involved to fully create content start to finish, I ended up making Luke Cage, and team worked Black widow, coding her as best I could, along with adding sprites and smart pallets etc and then helped bring down the "cape" wall that prevented scarlet witch from moving ahead in another team effort. Got invited and involved into an ACTUAL project, that had many spinning parts and lots of involvement from Acey, Zvitor and Hypersonic, now I'm creating double the amount of work through the knowledge I've gained from all that past try and fails and advise from creators around the forums, I hope to keep on keeping on making the un-makeable and yet unmade, just getting a character close to completion means another creator can jump onto it and help make them even better, SO go on and....."Create the Un-Creatable"





  • Angel's Stage
  • Lady Deathstrike's Stage
  • Shadowcat's Stage
  • Shocker's Stage


  • She-Hulk
  • Exodus
  • Star-Lord
  • Winter-Soldier
  • The Vision
  • Abyss

Full Game Projects



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