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by ZVitor

Version 1.5



I started Aquaman with the idea, "What if I edited gill sprites to look like Aquaman and combine them with Rikuo moves?", so in 1 month I made Aquaman. The general mugen comunity chose to hate me because I didn't have Splode permiss to edit his Rikuo. It's was not a simple sprite swap since I removed the EX moves, replaced 1 special, 1 hyper and did a lot of minor edits in basics stuffs. I was happy with the result. Some months later Acey fixed some bugs and sent it to me, with this action I returned to mugen... 1 year after that, Sic-1 invited me to code Namor. When I tested the early Namor beta againt Aquaman I decided he needed a urgent update, so i updated Aquaman's code and sprites look and work better. I also added the ability to swim when Namor used his flood screen hyper.


Special Attacks


B, F + P


D, DF, F + K

Dolphin Leap

D, DB, B + K

Trident of Atlantis

D, DF, F + P

Shark Attack

D, DB, B + P

Hyper Attacks

Flash Flood

D, DF, F + 2P

Orca Smash

D, DB, B + 2P

Dolphin Ride

D, DB, B + 2K

Deep Sea Assault

D, DF, F + 2K

Additional Credits

  • Splode - Rikuo code, base for Aquaman code
  • Intermission - Aquaman DCvM portrait
  • Wucash - Justice League Heroes Sound, Stance pose
  • Master Blaster - Ideia from Deep Sea Hyper
  • Danilocao - Deep Sea water effect
  • Larramones - Sonar pose
  • O Ilusionista, Gate, AqueleGordo and Kojunho - Test


Download Aquaman

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