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Formally a Moderator at the Infinity Mugen Team forum.


About Me

Started using MUGEN in late 2001 - Back then there weren’t a lot of creations, so I changed hobbies for a little while. Back in around 2005 I started using MUGEN again. I actually googled “MUGEN sites” and one of the first sites I came across was the IMT [1] website. Even though my profile says my join date was in 2007, I have been a member of the forum for much longer using a few other aliases like LinkintheCVGPark and ATICE__MUGEN.

I started thinking about making creations for MUGEN around January of 2007. Once I had seen the MKvsSF3 flash, I just knew that I had to create Chameleon. Since then I have made other characters and stages like RyuATICE and MKvsSF3 Battleground.

I have been very active on the IMT [2] forum for quite some time now. I definitely like the community there, as well.

I am also a pretty good spriter. I enjoy spriting and am active in a few Sprite of the Week Contests here and there occasionally. I also have my own Sprite Editing topic [3].

My Creations

- Characters

MKvsSF3 Chameleon at the IMT forum [4] chameleon-stance2.gif

RyuATICE at the IMT forum [5] Ryu3blue.gif

Super MvC:EOH Jin Saotome at the IMT forum [6] Jin-pal1.gif

- Stages

MKvsSF3 Battleground at the IMT forum [7]

|Hi-Res| MKvsSF3 Battleground at the IMT forum [8] mkvssf3-bg_hires-1_1.png

Toxic Temple at the IMT forum [9] tt-33.jpg

- Tutorials

Basic Character Creation Tutorial *v2.5* [10]

Current WIPs


My Sites

My website = [11]

Avatar History

VV-shinra_avy.png Chun-Li_avy2.png IMT-avatar2.png Chameleon-infinityavatar-moving.gif Jin_Savy1.png

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