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Infinity MUGEN Team Creator

aPoCaLyPsE's Website: MYSPACE!

Mugen Creator: "aPoCaLyPsE"

Nickname: "aPoC."

Age: 25

Location: SoCal U.S.A

Sex: M

M.U.G.E.N Background: M.U.G.E.N character creator since 2007, specializing in creating non-existant, and experimental M.U.G.E.N characters

Futher Analysis on "aPoCaLyPsE": Although, I'm a still rookie amongst giants here at Infinity, I've been graphical and artistically inclined practically all my life, with no major guildance of a outlet to persue. I came across Mugen completely at random back in June of 2007, watching Ryu/Ken take on Sub-Zero/Scorpion and from that moment foward, I knew I fell into the rabbit hole. I Googled, Wiki, YouTubed, and Myspaced anything and everything Mugen related. Though I was merely just a gaming fan at the time, I always felt like "I could do it". So I started to become involved in some of the outside Mugen communites, particularly the Mugen Club at 1up.com and Mugen-Infantry. I was suggested by a friend to also join Infinity Mugen in October 2007, after searching around for constant tips on how to get started with my very own creations. So I lurked around the "Help and Tutorials" section here not knowing anybody, while remaining active with my other communites. Mugen-Infantry was constantly having their server issues, while the Mugen Club became very slow and not as helpful as Infinity, and inturn lost the interest for their communities.

Then November hit...

I'll never forget the day the Reuben Kee had passed away.

The day they had announced that his team's boat had capsized, I became very depressed. But why? I never official met him or spoken with him before.. So why did it feel as if I lost my very own blood brother? Or even a piece of myself? It was like I bonded with Reu through his characters. The news was so devastating, that I couldn't even play Mugen without tearing up - and I'm a grown man. As times passed, and hearts healed, I was so inspired to continue Reu's great legacy of designing great characters, that I deicide to go full throttle in using my artistic abilites in the field of creating for Mugen myself. I met a lot of good friends and mentors alike here since. It was so welcoming here at Infinity that I made my alledgance and home with Infinity. By December, I first made short contacted meeting Acey - a key influenical player and half of the motovation that drove me to the person you see before you today; All the while not knowing that we shared a similar story fold. I became so comfortable here that I decided to begin annoucing my plans for my very first internet released character - MvC Punisher. I also began speaking with Excursion; the second half of my motovation and mentor in the world of Mugen, shortly afterwards and after a few exchanged messages, we began arranging a possible collaboration with my current W.I.P. Together with Excursion experience and my burning desire to create, we managed to make a huge fusion project of "EvilRock81" previous Punisher project and my own current Punisher project. Since then, the wheels haven't been able to stop turning.

By March, I decided to dedicate my MvC Punisher not only in memory of Reubee Kee but to Infinity's Marvel Vs Capcom: Eternity of Heroes Project, as a contribution for giving me so much knownledge in the ways of Mugen. As another page of Infinity's legecy turns, it also grows broader, as they offered me a position amongst their ranks on the Infinity Mugen Team. So there you have it, a storybook kid with a dream to create and a forum that picked him up from the gutters, waved a magic wand, and given him guildence to build his own Mugen destiny. I love my mugen family from the bottom of my heart and don't know what I'd be doing without these guy. May this be the start of a new era for Infinty and Mugen alike.

Long Live Infinity! Hoo-rah!




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