August 02, 2011, 11:46:15 AM by Acey
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Wanna know how old my Snake Eyes WIP is? There isn't even a WIP topic for him on this forum. I started Mugen in September 2006 and in the first 3 months I sprited and released Snake Eyes, Homestar Runner 20x6 and programmed Cobra Commander for Scar. Since then Snake Eyes has been stuck in noob release hell. Well his time has come.

And before anyone mentions it, Cable's gun has already been replaced by Snake Eye's trademark Uzi.

July 11, 2011, 10:21:58 AM by Acey
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Hey all, while the IMT has been working hard on a gross number of releases for later this year, we also have a little surprize for this summer. Our good friend BambaMugen sat down and took some time to add a blow up filter to over 70 mugen characters and he was kind enough to share them with all of us in the mugen community. So for all of those who are running a version of mugen with only high res filtered characters then we have a treat for you. Over the course of the summer we'll be releasing about 25 filtered IMT characters, which will be followed by more than 50 filtered patches to some of your favorite mugen characters out there already. At the end we'll also release the BambaMugen screen pack to hold all this great stuff in.

So please stay tuned, this little party of ours will be here soon.
July 11, 2011, 01:35:17 AM by Space (DCL) | Views: 1991 | Comments: 10

Let the hate/flame/etc. commence...

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Hidden Video uploaded long ago...

So yeah...enjoy.....
July 06, 2011, 04:56:31 PM by Space (DCL) | Views: 2733 | Comments: 21

Its been a LONG time.....
Yea I know, Vyn made a Gouki too but I decided to make my own as well...also as a gift to all since I havent been doin much recently =/

My version of Gouki was released on Monday (yea 4th of July) but I havent made a post about it til today so yeah...sorry...

No video because my comp sucks now, at recording, even trying to run a regular winmugen or Mugen 1.0. It SUCKS!!! So here's some screens...

Also, this Gouki is the first to have exact (or maybe accurate to avoid any shenanigans) hitboxes to the vs series (X-Men vs Street Fighter, and Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter)

Now then...enjoy...

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July 05, 2011, 04:50:14 PM by Acey
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Z and I have been going through the game, makeing some improvements.

* We have gone through the bug lists you guys have submitted and fixed up everything that we agreed was broken. Everyone did a great job giving us material here. It's appreciated.

* The screenpack and all characters have been converted to Mugen 1.0. Everything looks a lot sharper, especially the intro, ending, title screen and versus screen.

* In our analysis we had broken down the roster into tiers, based on combo abilty, abilities, special and hyper moves. We calculated velocities, damage, guard damamge, powergive, power get and ran some equations, modified by scored we agave to special abilities such as speed, long range instant beams, command throws, and more. The tiers came out as such.

Top Tier
Rogue (current version)
Cable (current version)
Strong Guy
Omega Red
Bottom Tier

So this was a good starting ground to see who needed what kinds of action towards balancing. From here we adjusted damages, special abilities, decreased hyper attack damages, reset powergives, and end the end we ended up increases our 4 character classes into eight character classes:

Zone (Beams)

Each of these classes determined what type of move canceling each character was assigned, who had recovery rolls, what type of combos (either Magic series, LMH or in Juggernaut's case, 2 hit combos), and all the other stuff mentioned above.

* With some of the more difficult characters we found issues with corner traps. In part his was corrected through hitdef velocitied but we also added guard push to all of the characters. Now there are options when you're turtling in the corner with no way out.

* We have implimented the new Mugen 1.0 AI into all of the characters so that as you chose a difficulty level the game will adjust to match that level. The default setting is Level 5 out of 8. For those who are less of a fighting game fan and just want to play through the story the easier modes are now accessable but for those who want an all out tight mugen match they can bump up the difficulty. Even the bonus stages and end boss have been adjusted to allow for AI Levels.

* We also have been doing some grahic updates as well, such as the HUD on the training stage and background graphics.

* We also have taken a lot of our new knowldge and incorporated it into a Game Manual, so that you'll have complete move lists and know where you character falls even before the match beings.

So... progress continues. Thanks for all of the support you guys have given us on this project and we promise to continue to not disapoint.
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