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Frequently Asked Questions
« on: February 20, 2015, 04:58:20 AM »
Q: When will the game be finished?
A: Whenever i can finish it.  I can't give a date or even really an estimate on when the game will be complete.

Q: When will the next Demo be finished?
A: Demo 3-2 is planned for summer 2017

Q: Which characters will be in the game when it's done?
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Q: Which characters will be added to the next Demo?
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Q: How many stages will the game have?
A: 10 arcade mode stages related to the game's story and 8 extra stages for a total of 18.

Q: Why is X character in your game and not Y character
A: I like X character more than Y character.

Q: Why do you have so many street fighter characters in the game?
A: Of all the franchises street fighter is the most populated.  There are over 60 playable street fighter characters to date not including Arika or Movie characters.  There are many street fighter characters that i find interesting as well that are already sprited.

Q: I really really REALLY like Z Character please put him in the game.
A: If it's a streetfighter it probably won't happen at this point.  If its a darkstalkers character probably not because i want to avoid reusing too many of the characters in my next project and there arent that many darkstalker characters.  If it's a character that doesn't have sprites to begin with then unless someone draws that character they won't be in the game.

Q: Someone drew X character, why not put them in your game?
A: I have very high standards for my game and although i am willing to compromise at times,  I only consider characters with well done sprites that animate well enough and have a Capcom look to them.  a Capcom look would be sprites with a shading style reminiscent of CPS2 CPS3 or CVS.

Q: Will you be making versions of characters for use outside your game?
A: No it's too much work and time that would be better spent focused on my project.

Q: Who are Medusa and Nemesis?
A: They are Original characters that Li-kun and I designed together.  They are the boss characters in stage 9 and 10 of arcade mode.

Q: Will Medusa and Nemesis be playable?
A: There will be playable balanced versions of Medusa and Nemesis

Q: What will the game play like?
A: Capcom Universe will play like an amalgamation of all versus games (with the exception of marvel vs capcom 3). 
  • 6 attack buttons like Marvel vs Capcom 1
  • Assist type select, snap backs and fighting engine based on Marvel vs Capcom 2
  • Baroque system, partner functions and Variable Air Raid based on Tatsunoko vs Capcom

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